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1 - New Year's Day

7 - Transatlantic Telephone Service began - 1927

11- Amelia Earhart Day

13 - Stephen Foster Memorial Day

16 -  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

17 - Benjamin Franklin's Birthday

17 - Prohibition - 1920

23 - Elizabeth Blackwell becomes first female medical doctor in US

27 - Thomas Crapper Day (father of flush toilet?)

27 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Check out this satellite view of the earth - it's awesome!!!


On January 17, 1920 at 12:01 am Prohibition (the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution which took away license to do business from the brewers, distillers, vintners, and the wholesale and retail sellers of alcoholic beverages) became official. 

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Gentlemen, start your engines

Lisbon - Dakar 2006


This year the Dakar Rally starts in Lisbon.  To find out more about this event, click on the photo.

Who is this man and why is he on a $100.00 bill?


Why, it's Benjamin Franklin - scientist, inventor, statesman, printer, philosopher, musician, and economist.


January 17 marks the 300-year anniversary (tercentenary) of his birth (Already?  It only seems like 290 years!) 




Did You Know?
How many days in a millennium?  The calendar system that was in use during a particular millennium determines the actual number of days that elapse during that time span.

  • The First Millennium (1 - 1000 AD) consisted of 365,250 days.
  • The Second Millennium (1001 - 2000 AD) consisted of 365,237 days.
  • Our current Millennium (2001 - 3000 AD) will consist of 365,242  days.


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