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OCTOBER - 2005















European Geography Web Games - from beginner to Einstein!

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Check out this satellite view of the earth - it's awesome!!!

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This site was created as a tool to be available for my efl students After Class. I hope it proves to be of value to you and you visit often.  Enjoy!


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Military English: E. L. Easton,      British Council

Quotes, Jokes: Military Quotes, Jokes, Mottos

Military Pen Pals:  USA Forces British Forces



Happy Halloween

October 31



 Edgar Allan Poe


learn more about this amazing author - this interactive site is too cool for words

Check out "The Raven"

TEXT - first published in 1845

AUDIO VERSION -  by actor Basil Rathbone


For over FIFTEEN years a pink ribbon has been the international symbol of breast cancer awareness.
Wear a pink ribbon, so that people will ask you what it's all about. Do your self exams. Early detection is the best chance for a long life. If you notice anything strange see your doctor, don't wait. Pink ribbons spread awareness and are used to raise money to fund research that will lead to a cure.

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The Jewish New Year is the most important and widely celebrated of all Jewish holidays. It is the only holiday on the Jewish calendar that is purely religious and not tied to historical or natural events.


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