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APRIL, 2005



'April Showers Bring May Flowers'             check the weather in your area

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Important Dates

 APRIL, 2005

  •  1 - April Fool's Day

  •  8 - Royal Wedding

  • 22 - Earth Day

  • 23-30 - Passover

  • 25 - Carnation Revolution


The Lisbon Players

English Speaking Theater Group in Lisbon

For more info and current productions click here: 



April 25


you've read about it in school and in the newspapers - but now read about it in ENGLISH.

The Carnation Revolution


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Check out these sites to be among the people who are in the know.
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ME. L. Easton,      British Council

QMilitary Quotes, Jokes, Mottos

MUSA Forces British Forces


April 22 - Earth Day

Passover   April 23-30

Passover for Beginners!!!

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The happy couple are to tie the knot on April 8




Historic occasion or royal poppycock?

April 8, 2005

Learn all about the British Monarchy here - this site includes current job vacancies in the royal household

Should the Queen attend the wedding? cast your vote here

For the REAL scoop on the royals check out this link


The Church Loses Its Light



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